Getting Back to Reason

Careful journey, step by step
mindful—unexpected turns
keep what’s earned, remain
strike balance, be reason 
continue, persist
grounded by confidence in
trust, faith, certainty
conviction ever yours as
theirs: strange territory
not a stomping ground

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Afternoon Reminder

Daylight peaks; at once, yawns:

       "My point lost its beginning; time!
        Mind this alert"

   Perhaps the last chance  
    Get things done, before         . . .

      Day's duration dissipates       .

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Poems & Poetic Prose

Doors – 1 – Find a Door

open, closed . . . blue and red make statements
good design impresses

party colors spark glee, shout values  
effective design functions

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Written for longstanding Thursday Doors prompt at No Facilities.
Click the link for participation guidance 🙂