Summertime Ride

Riding along, beautifully bloomed
Color-dotted blankets on either side

Ahead, new baby-blue spring-time fly
Strong and quick/ like a bird

Rides imperceptible atmosphere, voyager
After supine tops on endless landscape

Chirps not, but silently hums along its way
Like a tiny, loud fan: a noise that entices
Alarm on the senses until one sees

Bright blue and pink against washed-out sky
In comparison, vividly defined presence
Sound of cellophane on air

Propelling bright pastel variations
On glistening silver-foil wings

Written from two situational memories, one of summertime swimming when dragonflies would fly by and settle on nearby flowered vines, or on top of the water—just out of reach. It was my mom who explained their harmless nature to me.

Their wings are transparent or translucent, but can take on a shimmering aspect that shines silver in the sun. This can be due to inherent decoration on their wings or to moisture.

Other memories involve casual drives along countryside roads, especially where wildflowers exist on each side. Occasional, complete delight when a dragonfly glides along outside your window. Chance, perhaps, or maybe just curious: first shiny, buzzing car they’ve seen?

Dragonflies can sometimes be seen in number, flickering in broad daylight across the tops of fields.

Featured Photo by David Clode on Unsplash


There are approximately 7000 species of dragonfly around the world. (Paywall)

The 10 largest dragonflies in the world. (A-Z Animals)

Dragonfly (Wikipedia)

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