Heat Wave 2022

Not Just Hot—Dangerous

Burdensome heat stifles like damp heating blankets
natural defenses smothered; oily sweat glossed over
barriers diminished; worldly infection vigilant
prepared to fill voids energy deficient

heat so hot forget it, stay out of traffic
there it’s hot, like fire: make a mistake, regret
vitality sapped mentality snapped, just like that
underestimated, deadly and dangerous, all mussiness:

countless places and positions to be found, caught up
—infinity, filled neverendingly—
affected by conditions over which exists
little to no control of the elements

best to do, get cool; don’t underestimate
nature’s power to invigorate behavioral
components born of all the wrong emotions
normally reserved for nothingness.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #240

Featured image public domain via Pixabay.

*Thousands of humans and livestock worldwide have succumbed to heat wave 2022. While processing this devastating reality, it’s important to also beware the dangers that exist beside this ultimate price—loss of life—of heat stress affectation. Less-often detailed in media and likely to not be considered in such moments if unaware, it is known that rising heat induces stress and that daily interactions can easily spiral out of control when under this kind of added stress.


6 thoughts on “Heat Wave 2022”

    1. The more said, the better: we’re really not hearing much in media about this reality . . . just a blip here and there. Thanks for reading!

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