6 thoughts on “Haiku Aside: Welcome, Children”

  1. Thus far, it appears that “aside” posts don’t have ads attached (theme Twenty Fifteen), which is good to know! Hope this holds true


    1. I was going to edit my comment to add a “Thank you”, and accidentally hit “edit” on your comment . . . and it would have let me. ??? Had no idea we could edit user comments. This seems a little strange, what do you think?

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      1. Huh. You know, I had noticed that editing option before and was curious, but I didn’t realize the system would actually allow you to edit it. That seems like a major flaw, which hopefully the administrators for WordPress will fix. I haven’t really been on this site for long (just a few months), so I’m unsure how long that issue has been there.

        In other words, it is indeed strange.


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