Trending Mullets

(topical flash-essay prose)

I’ve worn a mullet before. So much one can do with a mullet cut.

Also known as the Kentucky Waterfall, the perpetually returning hairstyle is named differently according to time and region:

  • Hockey Hair
  • Schlong (short + long)

With all this information about the mullet, are you less likely to refrain and more likely to get your next cut . . . only up front?

The newest mullet craze is an inspiring way to show that one should do whatever they like with their appearance, despite what others might care to say. Who could detract from this adorable, utilitarian floppy-puppy-ears effect.

Featured Image “Man in Black Suit Jacket” courtesy Ann Vosk via Pexels

Written for prompt “puppy dog ears” via 99 Word Story, hosted by Charli Mills, Carrot Ranch , via Sadje


Archived Guardian Thread

Interesting Factoids:

–A cancelled Superman project entitled “Superman Lives” would have depicted the superhero with a mullet. See “The Nicolas Cage Superman Documentary Reminds Us Of the Man Of Steel’s Bad Hair Days“, by the editors of Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ).

–USA Mullet Championships

–From MENSHAIRCUTS editors, 33 Mullet Haircut Ideas To Look Really Hot in 2022

Also, the modern mullet for women:


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