Sun Poem: August 21 Journal #5 2022

It’s full cloudy here today, on the southern Crosstimber/Prairie region of the U.S., which is 20+ degrees ‘cooler’ (at 80°F this morning) than it’s been in more than a month.

We’re too far south to enjoy the silver lining of sun’s solar flares dancing in the night. Aurora borealis, aka northern lights, polar lights: images only available by media to grace our sights down South.

Maybe one day?

Ode to Sun

Our volatile sun
elemental brother
We’re in awe of you

Your fiery upsets outshine
our greatest eruptions
Not even our floods could touch you    

We cannot meet, not even halfway
Though you brightly contribute
under duress, your energy
formation’s brunt absorbed
release your stores
our warmth, our water, our standards        

An escaping world, which
eventually, could outrun
your reach—your extended arms

Caressing us; sweet warmth   
remind us your stalwart presence  
you push us away, we run from you

Hot / cold / as anyone
Bring us up, food, sustenance
Association supports us     

We dread the day you may catch up   
while we admire your suggestive signaling
so far as to cast Aurora’s colorful shows

Adoring, not without warning!


EarthSky Solar Flare updates

10 Interesting Facts About the Northern Lights

A picture of 1891 Illustration from William MacKenzie's National Encyclopedia
1891: Illustration from William MacKenzie’s National Encyclopedia (Public Domain)

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