Just Desserts at Hypercapital Deli

Single-serve delight
Looking fresh, affordable
Consideration shown
Some need not the whole

Reminder: such kindness
could be dangerous
Unintentional, but
‘lower’ price invites

Refreshed appearance
Cut up, revitalized
Converted, boon or bane
Wait: refreshed quality?

Can you refresh a vitamin?
A whole, new piece, please
(reliable customer)
Consumer: “Oh, this is Wall St?”

Thanks for reading đź’™

Photo by Michael Burrows on Pexels.com


The Price of Wall Street’s Power“, by Gautam Mukunda

Wall Street Vs The Regulators: Public Attitudes on Banks, Financial Regulation, Consumer Finance, and the Federal Reserve“, via the CATO Institute

Does Wall Street embody flawed ethics or economic success?“, by Kira Goldwing, via The Perspective


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