Shame (poem)

I've pages & pages  
first-draft poetry

to facilitate 
this objective 

   I searched, never 
   found "shame" 

   despite its surely 
   having entered my mind   

      It’s possible
      of course  

      I scratched it out 
      After writing it 

      Because why
      Would I keep it 

      Shame is misery 
      to balance 

      Distracts reality 

         I now realize

         to spite its having 
         such effect 

         I took it out
         No reason to keep

         Mine or theirs, for  
         Never long until 

            Our cup’s yet full  

            Day after day 
            Refill upon fill

               Still, should I have none
               That could be appalling

               They’d probably say
               "She has no shame"    

               Wouldn’t that
               Be shameful 

Written in appreciation for 99 Word Story theme, hosted by Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch, found via Sadje #Keepitalive

Thanks for reading 💙

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