Photographic image of a homemade quesadilla-style soft taco breakfast: egg, deli turkey and yellow cheese on a flour tortilla, folded over once and cut in half

Breakfast Convenience: a poetic recipe

Today, I made my own
breakfast of convenience

Was it cheaper than
convenience brands?

I don’t really know
coin gets so small

math of it all
gets ridiculous

While I’m sure
I could’ve saved more

I decided to use the
entire slice of cheese

Two eggs, not one (minus one yolk, to spread over cats’ food)
Four skinny slices turkey (2/3 serving)

Don’t worry, fruit and veggies
through the day

Oh, some salt & pepper
ample paprika

  • Just crack those eggs (into 2 T hot olive oil)
  • Place cheddar on plated tortilla
  • Push firming whites to the side, lay turkey on the other
  • *Turkey warms, eggs solidify
  • Sprinkle spices over sizzling proteins
  • Turn off the burner and scoop turkey, eggs / over cheesy tortilla
  • Fold to content, cut
  • Carry and eat!

Hey, just a little fun foodie-poem, getting-to-poetic, vibes to start the day.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading đź’™


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