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Patterns: An Exercise (and Poem)

Open a new tab and type “patterns” into Google:

Isn’t that nice? (Click on “Images” if they didn’t automatically appear in results.)

Patterns naturally attract the eye by way of a brain’s functional learning mechanisms. Patterns invigorate the mind with a quenching sense of satisfaction. The brain ‘notices’ new material and processes the information in an effort to find a familiar pattern; thus, the brain ‘learns’ what to manifest in its body . . . whether any action is needed.

The brain functions to maintain equilibrium, and to do so it must solve problems. New patterns are new problems, which serve to prime the mind for intense, immediate output or delayed response efficiency.

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Perhaps this explains why we crave the ocean, or a lake, or practically any body or form of water. We identify so closely with its qualities of generally orderly appearance (on the surface, including any waves), known places of chaos beneath, moving to rectify, until achieving a state that is natural, sustainable.

What is true for nature is true for us as well, for we are part of nature and operate most efficiently when we are in tune with it. By “it”, is meant wherever we find ourselves: a lake vacation or a day in the office.


aquatic rippling, disturbance effect
attracts integral confusion

chaotic state induces communion
waving, crashing, reading one’s disruptions

swirling, salted chaos crumbles artifice
levels emotion, working new information

elemental patterns, stability
basic glue, regularity

Post created for RDP prompt “patterns”.
Follow the link for rules/participation!

Why the Brain Likes to Make Patterns
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