image of haiku poem about fall-autumn

Good Morning, Fair-Weather Warning: Sep 20, Journal #6 2022

On rising, looking forward, and back

Waking dawn, sound—None
Sunshine delay: fair caution
Silent fall approaches

Autumn does nearer come while
Summer persists in highest temps

Weather Here

It’s predicted to reach 100 °F on this late-September day, just below the central region of the Northwest Hemisphere.

Image: "Hemispheres" earth map,  denotes the four directional quadrants of Earth.
North America is in the Northern Hemisphere because it is north of the Equator. North America is in the Western Hemisphere because it is west of the Prime Meridian.

We are thus quite excited that cooler temperatures should arrive by October 31 (aka Halloween). A normal maximum would be in the low 70s while a normal minimum would be low 50s. However, there can be much variance.

Current weather predictions indicate highs in the upper 70s, with lows possibly reaching upper 40s. While this isn’t the best of cool Halloweens, it will be cooler than it is today by approximately 20+ degrees. The anticipation alone makes today’s cooler-than-June 100 degrees feel like an even cooler 80 . . . if you stay inside.

Our first day of fall in 2022 arrives on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 9:04 p.m. EDT.

Autumnal Halloween: Jacket, or No?

On Halloween, it can be either warm or cool, hot or cold. October 31 is about as likely to bring rain as cool weather. While the morning may be a good indication, it’s often not. Halloween days often bring the most significant change in weather since the start of fall.

If you identify with Halloween celebration, you might relate to recognition that the 31st of October has been the day we determine, in hindsight, ‘when it got cold’ any particular year. Looking back, we recall the day’s weather and general seasonal climate by the impressed memories of comfort relative to discomfort as we counted hours.

By this date, we would have acquired the costumes we’d wear on Halloween night, and although daytime was too premature for us children to anticipate whether we’d be a sweaty mess later, parents were aware. Thus, our first imprints of that day’s weather conditions were made, by parental concern.

Not until time that we prepared—donning our Halloween costumes and gear—did we, young and carefree, finally realize it was “so hot!” (or not . . . until later that night) or “freezing!” . . . perhaps even sleeting! The latter, rare.

October 31, 1993, was a cold day for trick-or-treaters. Unusual snow had fallen two days prior.

As the evening carried on, our pleasures were (delightfully) impacted in the form of clear skies and temperate climate . . . or not. Either way, a pleasure! After all, it was Halloween: it could be howling outside, and we would be raring to go and find anything. (We thought! 👻🕯️ )


Beyond the Red River, poem by Thomas McGrath

The birds have flown their summer skies to the south,
And the flower-money is drying in the banks of bent grass
Which the bumble bee has abandoned. We wait for a winter lion,
Body of ice-crystals and sombrero of dead leaves.

A month ago, from the salt engines of the sea,
A machinery of early storms rolled toward the holiday houses
Where summer still dozed in the pool-side chairs, sipping

Continue reading poem at Poetry Foundation


The Farmers Almanac


5 thoughts on “Good Morning, Fair-Weather Warning: Sep 20, Journal #6 2022”

  1. Ah, Autumn and our Halloween celebrations certainly have changed a great deal over the years. I’m glad we can still share and enjoy memories of past festivities, and that new generations of trick-or-treaters are forming fond memories of their own, though.


    1. Yes, I hope so. Hoping there still are some trick-or-treaters out there, but figure that there are many fewer than in days past. I imagine carnivals (with costume contests!) and haunted houses—other Halloween activities of my generation—have been on the rise as a replacement.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True, Halloween certainly has changed over the years. And now most communities have Safe Halloween festivities for little trick or treaters. Have you ever heard about the light projection displays? Many of them offer family-friendly entertainment as well for kids during Halloween, and some of them offer candy. Anyway, I’m glad the holiday still seems to be going strong.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, and I think they’re a great thing–just another thing to do, activity for anyone, appeal to our varied sense of entertainment. No doubt some of us are out there doing all of it!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh, yes. I admire those people who are able to go out and make the most of the season. It encourages me to do the same, so I’ve been trying to locate different opportunities nearby. Hopefully something good turns up. ^_^ Are you doing anything special for Halloween this year?


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