Aka “It”: A Halloween Story

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For some, Halloween is the spookiest night of the year: a time to see a variety of spirits caught betwixt worlds roaming freely, usually out of sight.

Of them all—herein before and beyond everything—exists a cautionary tale that carries horror into any season, about a rogue spirit and common villain recognized and portrayed in many different ways around the world but only sampled in a few faces here, in this poem which alludes to the stories of two well-known American horror creators.

Aka It

The thing, that is the same
whether Great Northern’s Bob, or
Robert “Bob” Gray

aka It, RF . . . whose name, I say?  
Mr. Gray feeds on emotions
even at play, gets into brains

manifests risk indiscriminately
wherever one may unwell be
given which day, El Cuco

could project or passively infect
wherever misfortune be: where found
guards down: well-being the resistance

RF eats grief, takes fear to go, like
garmonbozia’s pain and sorrow
like JaoDay—call It Judy

from outer space; when barriers break
Todash launches: nature takes place
before and beyond Halloween

Design or not, accidents occur
worlds unknown inhabited  
dwellers ejected when broken

like airspace of balloons, busted
into thin air: entities, impatient
pursue sources superabundant  

Author Note: “RF” refers to Randall Flagg, primarily; but, readers of horror fiction will know that RF could refer to the same being in other human forms—with the same initials, RF—in other places at other times. I titled this compendium poem of horror villains “It” due to the order in which the two authors highlighted here presented a different character referred to as “Bob” in at least one instance.

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