A graphic image of ghosts around a lit candle, white on orange

Halloween Psych Writing

A seasonal poem about our true ghosts and goblins—the things that eat us up!

Reap the Sowing

Unite, ghosts and goblins
wake up and bring your mess  
forget the fires, dreadful ones
follow the clicks—those candlesticks   
set out to light the dark  
welcome your likely presence
All-hallows eve, one special night
Step on up, make it righteous

What if, each year on Halloween, we made it a point to rectify at least one wrong—in our own mind, at least.

Done to us
Done to them
Write it down
Work it out!

further reading

On Metaphorical Ghosts, and Where to Find Them via MetNet Scandinavia

Haunting as a Metaphor for Trauma via Virginia Commonwealth University


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