One-Liner Wednesday + Life Poetic “Word of the Day”

Sedulity (in an inspirational nutshell):

Our toys could hurt us and investments might disappoint, but we continue to build upon positive reward through sedulity.


A bit about usage:

While a writer might be interested in use of the word “sedulity” or any of its forms in their narratives or subject matters, they probably wouldn’t use it anywhere else.

Along that vein, a writer who’s writing web content (esp. editor) isn’t likely to use any form of this term, for various reasons—especially in titles and tags. Instead, they would use more common synonyms, such as diligence.

Do what you like, of course.

Forms of the term sedulity:

Sedulous people are not the sedate or sedentary sort. They’re the hardworking types Scottish author Samuel Smiles must have had in mind when he wrote in his 1859 book Self-Help, “Sedulous attention and painstaking industry always mark the true worker.”

Visit Merriam-Webster Dictionary for examples of “sedulous” in sentences

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One-liner written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday:


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