Rural Haiku

rustling winds suggest  
open windows, talk of trees
countryside abode

silence of nature
harmonious atmosphere  
energizing notes    

Photo by Marta Wave on

Poems & Poetic Prose


12 thoughts on “Rural Haiku”

    1. 💙 Suzette, thank you very much, I am happy you enjoyed this post! Yes, that photo is a dream, and an idyllic reality to someone so fortunate. Thank you for your appreciation 💙

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

      And of course! I see you are also doing the WD PAD chapbook challenge, and I like your writing and the formats of your posts.

      I’m working on improving my participation overall. This PAD challenge is mostly in my notes and mostly to-be-done with only a few entries and I’m considering just making this a quarterly approach for myself. It is such a challenge to have both unpublished work and an active blog (and work for a living, etc.). Kudos to those who make it look easy!


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