I See Wild Animals

3 Micropoems about wild animals (and feral cat leads)

Feral Cats

Cats can be wild; they’re known as feral
You either see them or you don’t
It’s possible to befriend them
Especially when they’re in trouble
Cats love company

Photo by Berkay AK on Pexels.com


Coyote are misleading, looking like dogs
They sound like catastrophe
Chiming in when sundown begins
Often when seen, they’re starving or sick
They’re canines, but not wolves or dogs

Photo by Esteban Arango on Pexels.com


Across the prairie cottontails hop
Into the woodland too, then along
Creeks and in marshes swamp rabbits live;
Hear a rustle, take a look—you’ll see them
Hopping along, skittering in leaves

Photo by Andrew Patrick on Pexels.com

These are just a few of the wild animals I see—each of great significance that feels like “double-blessing” (as they say).

Please refer to further reading, below, to learn more about how to recognize and assist feral cats when needed.


Feral vs Stray Cats, via Alley Cat Allies

Feral Cats, via Big Island Invasive Species Committee (Hawaii)

Adopting Feral Cats, via Petfeed

What about you? Which wild animals do you routinely see? Feel free to link your posts in comments!


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