Public domain image of U.S. Capitol building from 1956

Perspective in Politics

Backslide (1954)

It was established, then they changed it.
All I can say is, it was done, and they changed it.
It was a rash moment during another tough time—
   a reactionary effect meant to teach a lesson.

Those official soviet atheists
scared the action out of them, our Congress
Cocky as bejesus, fearful of so much more than God
   they changed it.

“With Little Ado, Congress Put God in Pledge in 1954”, by David E. Rosenbaum via The New York Times (2002)

7 thoughts on “Perspective in Politics”

  1. It is scary how easily politicians can change these documents. Church and state has no business being together. This has always led to misery, for someone or the other. This is a good poem, with a very relevant message for these times.

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