Nature’s Course

An after-poem

I think of it, now and then . . .
   if the sun went out
how quickly life would change

Initial calamities of
realization aside,
some animals, including

some humans likely live
go underground to avoid
upcoming, everlasting  

ice age; they’d scavenge their  
fading biological resources
amid their lost purpose

Geothermal awareness
reinforcement could save—
extend lives of hundreds

here or there: Who wouldn’t rather have an
interesting apocalyptic end
than a predictable one

resulting from human weakness
resulting in catastrophe; rather,
a natural event we could not control . . .

Unknown anomaly—loss of energy
A glitch in the environment caused
merely by the unexpected . . .


Written after John Malone’s “What If on a sunny day” (linked in line 2)


Four “Ways the Earth Will Actually End” (opens to
A spirit of survival (opens to
But what if the sun exploded? (opens to

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