Sounds In The Night

Noise of silence . . . of falling asleep . . .

Have you experienced, as you lay ear-upon-ground

Not voices, nor creatures or dissonance, but a sensical crepitation . . .

An interesting, unending—completely reliable pulsation

 . . . eventually recognized . . .

the buffered churning
mechanical pumping
never-ending, reliable
soothing sounds of
overnight, metal workhorses

     As deepest silence makes evident
     Earth groans under local pumpjacks

Prompted by Fandango post at This, That, and The Other
(Ragtag Daily Prompt—crepitate)

Featured photo by Arne Hückelheim, CC BY-SA 3.0

Video features sounds of an oil pumpjack via BlackAtom Productions (“Rest and Relaxation” sleep videos)

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Poem ©2022 LifePoetic


4 thoughts on “Sounds In The Night”

  1. I seem to remember a deep sense of mystery and strangeness (tinged with some kind of fear, or at least concern). The sounds seemed so far away, like they could be coming from anywhere in the world through the ground like that. (I was young.)

    In a way, the sounds seemed like earth noise itself, which made sense to me—to have sound qualities of flow and repetition. Ultimately, realization of the industrial root of this particular combination of sound waves became evident.


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