Saxophonist Avery Dixon

Poem & performance video:

trilling keys, tonguing
air, Avery’s saxophones:
says mine hearts, he won

Avery Dixon Performs “Ain’t Nobody” on the Alto Saxophone #AGT

Artists On The Fly

artists take any opportunity
their spark is our reward
we earn upon sight; ever wonder
who did that thing; ever smile
when you see writing
author unknown, intriguing
where they were then
where they are now
understand, wherever it is
they’re contemplating
their next work

Written for Sadje’s WDYS prompt Sept. 12, 2022
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Sadje‘s Prompt Image: What Do You See?

Better Call Saul! Jimmy & Kim *update

didn’t disappoint
regrettable choices: The End
some justice, true love, self-acceptance

But, who’s Josh?

Hoping someone can answer!
I almost expected a gender-reveal (6 years later), and still suspect there may have been a child in the wings to consider (unbeknownst to Jimmy).

Screenshot of Final Episode

I reviewed the episode for the mention of “Josh”. Turns out that it was just part of the conversation about one of the other women at the table. I heard what I wanted to!

Was it the ending you wanted to see?