Champagne New Year

Time dissipation
Drink of happiness
Once each year: travels
The original
Festivus, come meet
past events, drink up
Time bubbles up
Happy New Year

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colorful pink, gold, and silver disco ball scene with Happy New Year wishes
Happy New Year /

Perspective in Politics

Backslide (1954)

It was established, then they changed it.
All I can say is, it was done, and they changed it.
It was a rash moment during another tough time—
   a reactionary effect meant to teach a lesson.

Those official soviet atheists
scared the action out of them, our Congress
Cocky as bejesus, fearful of so much more than God
   they changed it.

“With Little Ado, Congress Put God in Pledge in 1954”, by David E. Rosenbaum via The New York Times (2002)

Holiday Observance: Journal #8, December 23, 2022

Around Town this Holiday Season

Christmas Eve-Eve, little light brings. Energy is high, expression is low.
Nary a bulb, much less tinsel; one giant snowman and another giant reindeer.


Image depicts what appears to be a photo-montage reindeer in the wilderness. Quite a beautiful image, nature-scape background, lush, but with contrasting, lifeless trees in foreground which resemble deer's antlers which most-closely resemble tree branches than antlers. The animal is looking directly at the camera while facing the viewer's right direction. The image is a natural monotone color on what appears to be an overcast day. One bright spot of blue is a bird, likely a growing blue jay.
Photo by Pixabay on