Clement February

black ice recent shone
this day, spring’s glimmer beams – dull
atop dry road: go

Ice: Pop Poetry

Ice-bound memories
Sealed, until time when
Earth’s cyclic warming
Reveals past events  
Come alive again, in  
Minds of needful prompts
Not first nor last—alas
We are limited
Living bodies meant to
Withstand known ranges
Without deviance
Brought by unbridled  
Use of resources.

Written for Mish’s Quadrille #168 at dVerse.
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Unseen Exterior

Senses stumble upon awareness of a
looming nearby, although invisible
perceptions rise intensely: suddenly
we realize winds . . . crashes against siding

Revealed by a door watchfully ajar  
our shock: distinct drops obscure objects
flying past . . . pushing across unseen prairie
full dark of night save porch illumination

Rain and heavy debris carried on concealed
horizontal pathways streaming quickly
each helpless to escape or abate, to
avoid penetration under pressure

Puncturing, transferring materials
matter, substance to new coordinates.