Overhead [CDB vs. COL] (Poem)

(Cost of doing business vs. cost of living)

To accept AI writs    
To read AI writs        
Two considerations
Rethink situation

Derivative trials
Endless assessments  
Anomalies occur, bore into
Being: nothing—likened to AI

Persist unduped whose need
Simply non-writer
non-doer, non-payer
Remuneration; o, AI writs

Notorious drill, endured still
Regurgitated originality
Fragments collated
Overhead extraction

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Featured photo via Markus Winkler, Pixlr. Modified.


Pictures Do Last Longer (Poem)

Nice you called today; might I remain!
This frame of existence, photographed would look
Like one of those images seen e’ry day
One of those quite friendly, intimate displays

If I could, I’d file it away in a book
Left on a tabletop, cornered in the nook

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