Need V Want  

Let things go, strength in resolution  
Bow out of contest . . . frankly decline
Nod to what’s learned – proceed ahead
Pop-up opposition, move regardless  

Off-center distractions lay waste to want
Redirected efforts interrupt attention
Need and want, meet them both  
Care to affect progressive tone

Practice receipt as well as gifts
Hear and accept appreciation
Two half-steps, maybe one whole
Need and want, together you grow.


Featured image by Tim Prestero, via Flickr

Banner image courtesy Healthinformatics 1398 via Wikimedia Commons


Only Fossils Set in Stone

The clock’s progression
no indication: our place
setbacks suppress

potential values
limited horizon shadows
qualities of life

Time forgets. People
adapt, their short lives affect
impermanent change


Photo by Alejandro Quintanar on

Sunflower Seed Or Another

When such planted roots thrive or fail: either
May mean putting things behind, where utter
Power of circumstance stabilizes
Erratic behaviors—the products of
Organic life in which conclusions come
Of uncomplicated themes, as when may
Be the pure rise of a sunflower grown
Only as the dropped discard of a meal
Seed—along a bird’s way, by no more than
Happenstance! This is its natural life.

Each one same, for hearts resist dispersion:
Root along familiar ground, in so doing
Little to nurture uniqueness: thus an
Evermore state, robust or idle. One’s
Vague while the other seems stable
Thus the gamble of a finite life.