“Time” and “Love” in Poetry: 1609 Shakespearean Love Quote

Do thy worst, old Time! Despite thy wrong, My love shall in my verse ever live young.

William Shakespeare, Sonnet 19 (1609)

Winter Month Draws Nigh: Journal #9, 01-31-2023

Alas, new year, officially no more
Final January day closes the month
Awaken February hearts & minds
Valentine’s days—warmth and love

Color us red, white, pink, & silver
Black & gold . . . purple & blue-violet
Sophistication palette: vintage mauves
Complement valentine rainbows & unicorns

Could be coincidence . . . January 30th
Day before I post this, watching AGT
They’re in the spirit, poet in carnation—wait
—”Rapping Magician” (among others popping pinks)

Good morning, it’s Tuesday, day 31
Ground all white with “thunder ice”
Sight to behold, strange to hear
One more day, winter month is here!

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Midnight Rhymes: The Biggest Critique

Late-night writing exercise . . . (originally published on LifePoetic April 6, 2022)

Fervent faith in decision-making
May be positively misleading
You just might be thinking
You’re up to the right thing
In accord with reasoning

Such patterns revealing
Over time and through healing
Your values change: meaning
You’ll believe, under harsh thinking—
That untold pessimistic instilling

Accrued in early living
Remarkably damaging
But the very thing
for remembering
Above everything . . .

What you are experiencing?

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