Hypnotic Bedtime Lullaby (2022)

“Fall asleep fast”

“Five minutes”

This life!

Conjure sunset . . . and flamingos!

New-tube/ YouTube/ né boob tube

“Healing” oceanic vibe

Flickering, yellowed ripples

Sleep timer on

Digital orb above/ discourages repose

So bright! That’s just like the sun . . .

Don’t look directly, but gaze upon

Waves, the darkest ones

Depths neverendingly swishing

Audible laps, undulating

Tiring eyes


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Burdens of Reason

Hearts no doubt broken under human condition
Known to all but unsuppressed, bad
Conditions of existence which escape correction

Ingrained repetition that only makes sense
To some, when disguised as elements of monstrous
Old ideas concerning singular notions

Involving unmanagable possession
A kind of infestation, if you will
Like episode 8

Where humanity’s only fault lies
Either in living or looking the other way
No curse but affliction, another mistake

Made in pursuit of comfortable fulfillment
Like any organism, likewise sentient
Limited to its physiological perceptions

Overall predicament “natural”, as
Those observed by us, the dominant
Life forms on this planet.

Photo by Sergiy Tsyganenko on Unsplash

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