This Morning

Dawn, the new season
Delights my senses anew
Chirp, canorus birds!

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Sunflower Seed Or Another

When such planted roots thrive or fail: either
May mean putting things behind, where utter
Power of circumstance stabilizes

Erratic behaviors—the products of
Organic life in which conclusions come
Of uncomplicated themes, as when may
Be the pure rise of a sunflower grown

Only as the dropped discard of a meal
Seed—along a bird’s way, by no more than
Happenstance! This is its natural life.

Each one same, for hearts resist dispersion:
Root along ground preferred, in so doing
Little to nurture uniqueness: thus an

Evermore state, robust or idle. One’s
Vague while the other seems stable
Thus the gamble of a finite life.