Reduce Mess, Less Stress, Goals Met (Poem)

Rationalize your gathering
Realize the same, but different
Person you’ve become at the end
Stage beyond moments mourned as the
Little deaths of you take their time
Beyond your need or benefit
Flow and ebb – move like an ocean
Economize your emotion
Downsize disorder, be ready
Make way, keeping means to your end.

Written for #downsize prompt @WeeklyPrompts, discovered via Sadje @KeepItAlive. Follow the prompt link for participation guidance; follow the latter for more prompted poetry!


Rainwater & Young Buds

Seasonal Haiku Double

Windstorm warnings sound
dusk to dark: tornadoes bud
down shelters

Rainwater’s morning
dawn uncovers damage done
new buds color scene


Featured original photo by C.E. Price via PIXNIO (CC0)

Written for Naturalist Weekly‘s mini-season/micro-season prompt to write a haiku or senryu that references buds or young plants—via Goff James Art, Music, Phototography, Poetry, and Quotations.

Ode to the Sun

Our volatile sun
elemental brother
we’re in awe of you
your fiery upsets outshine
our greatest eruptions

No great flood could touch you   
We cannot meet, even halfway

You intensely contribute
under duress, your energy
formation’s brunt within  
release your stores
our warmth, water, standards        

Our escaping world, which
eventually could outrun

Your extended, warm hold cuddles us  
while your stalwart presence pushes us
away hot / cold

Sustenance, you bring us up  
through your incompetence      

We survive, perhaps dread the day
you may catch up; we admire your suggestive

Waving through our shield, casting  
Aurora’s colorful shows; we adore
not without warning

Written for “Thursday Inspiration #185 ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me“, via newepicauthor. Visit the link for participation guidance.

Featured Image: photo by Kaique Rocha via

Ode to the Sun” is the 2nd draft of an original poem written in August and posted to Life Poetic on Aug 21, 2022

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