‘Big Red Wagon’


The little red wagon has become a BIG red wagon; except in black and white (or whatever color/s) with a steering wheel. Made for the adult yard, it resembles (as well) Barbie and Ken’s “Sweet Orchard Farm Truck”.

With a bed and a drive, the ‘big red wagon’ makes a modern, motorized wheelbarrow—useful in a yard, or around a pond.


Electric Mini-Truck (redirects to YouTube)
Sweet Orchard Farm Truck (redirects to Amazon)

Originally published @LifePoetic on Feb. 26.
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“Toy Wagon” vector via OPENCLIPART


Haibun Moon

I once thought our Moon crescents were quarter moons–any moon novice might; waxing and waning crescents both visible ‘quarters’ while the dark side hides two more. A seemingly obvious half moon was the distinction that led me to the rest, despite crescents not being full quarters.

I’d always digress. A half moon made sense. A brain seems to see a half moon; however, the half moon does not exist in the context of our Moon’s phases.

To reason is worthy, but not necessarily enlightening.

Half moon, quarter moon
Cratered countenance locks eyes
Betides our yielding

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Photo by Marty McGuire on Unsplash

Written for dVerse prompt Haibun Monday 2-27-23: Mezza Luna. Thanks for visiting!