Angling Fiction

3-line flash fiction for 3LineTales

Angling was a means to get away from his day-to-day grind; he kept their images in his mobile device.

The predator used a pole to make it real, catching targets at a steal.

He then ate his prey, but no one knew; he boiled the bones in a brew and tossed them in the bay.

Featured photo by Lerone Pieters

Written for “Three Line Tales“, a prompt hosted by Sonya at Only 100 Words.

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Gone Out Adventures

Before my eyes
blacktopping lay
Along invites
the quickest route

Miles to go,
where friends await
I set upon the
two-lane way

Early morning
Styles daylong quiet;
Along the road
I get more gone

sleep’s warm blanket
vague, forgotten
Away, it’s here—
Blacktop sound

Two tires roll on
my pedals pump
under command
until frightened

when slowing van
gave chase four-wheeled
more powerful
motorized sound

Only weight of
my existence
could detain me—
new command: run!

Forget the bike
jump the fence, take
to the woods—they
lose interest. Phew!

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It was another world, before modern-day fiends and trolls lead way.

Then, it was approachable. Planetary species intermingling at waterholes—primordially unphased, chancing life whilst basking upon ancient sunsets yet uncontaminated by the menace of our time . . . until days of change brought what some called fate.

Now, proliferation. They’re counted and saved where deemed worthy.

Times lived, phased.

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Post prompted by Reena’s Xploration Challenge #241