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Clement February

black ice recent shonethis day, spring’s glimmer beams – dull atop dry road: go

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Pilot, Co-pilot, Passenger, or Grounded?

Time does tick quickly, more as one ages   We can’t believe during early stages    Sometime, some will see; yet many won’t know  Perceptions permeate but one shadowTone-deaf debris may wreck potential gains  Break twigs to grasp hold, see over mountainsLost in a dell, lacking decent vision  One must ascend with an aim to freedom .…

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Winter Month Draws Nigh: Journal #9, 01-31-2023

Alas, new year, officially no more Final January day closes the month Awaken February hearts & minds Valentine’s days—warmth and love Color us red, white, pink, & silver Black & gold . . . purple & blue-violet Sophistication palette: vintage mauves Complement valentine rainbows & unicornsCould be coincidence . . . January 30thDay before I…

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Ice: Pop Poetry

Ice-bound memoriesSealed, until time whenEarth’s cyclic warmingReveals past events  Come alive again, in  Minds of needful promptsNot first nor last—alasWe are limitedLiving bodies meant toWithstand known rangesWithout devianceBrought by unbridled  Use of resources. Written for Mish’s Quadrille #168 at dVerse. Click the link for participation guidance!

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May Be

To know what to doIt’s an abundanceAllows consent to resolveTo those without madeProspects, most work is  To know what can be done  Which takes resolve builtOf imagination:What could be . . . might be!Instead of what will be will be . . .Either way, one willOr one might . . . maybe!

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Iron will

Emanated from red, impossibleglow, heat consumes hair and flesh—alive,unwilling nerve—strongly held and branded. An iron will is needed in the process of branding, willing subject or not. Hot branding, aka fire branding, is known to be painful as the instrument, glowing with heat, causes thermal injury to the skin and results in permanent alopecia (hair…

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