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Image via Pixlr licensing, labeled Markus Winkler. Modified.

Overhead [CDB vs. COL] (Poem)

(Cost of doing business vs. cost of living) To accept AI writs    To read AI writs        Two considerationsRethink situationDerivative trials Endless assessments  Anomalies occur, bore into Being: nothing—likened to AI Persist unduped whose need Simply non-writer non-doer, non-payer Remuneration; o, AI writs Notorious drill, endured still Regurgitated originality Fragments collated Overhead extraction ©2023 LifePoetic™ All…

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©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.

Pictures Do Last Longer (Poem)

Nice you called today; might I remain! This frame of existence, photographed would look Like one of those images seen e’ry day One of those quite friendly, intimate displays If I could, I’d file it away in a book Left on a tabletop, cornered in the nook ©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.

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Reflections (Tanka)

Café scents  chirruping upon fresh airback-door balconyrisen to face blue watergreeting to one’s reflections ©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.

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Over Vitebsk, 1913 by Marc Chagall, aka Over the Town

Over the Town (Poem)

Over the town, let’s sail on thin blue airEnthused by love’s everlasting liftAn unknown stretch, gifting us no limitsSky’s reach, past a red world to ether spaceClarity of rarest happenstance floats    Possibles to surface – our salvation Feeling limitless like synchrony inCorrelation to human connection  Let’s outdo the common expectationGleaned of involvements never expectedLet’s swim,…

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Public Displays of Reflection

We joke about food picsLight acknowledgementOur curious habitsRudeness on exhibition  Labor to disrespect—Displays of such contempt!I enjoy a food snap—don’t  Often share; when I photographPlate or potIt’s about me as I wishI might dine with you, dinnerOr just a treat or a drinkInstead, I eat . . . sans you, but  Nonetheless, I anointThe experience…

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Quiz Prompt Poetry: Spirit Animal (Owl)

Salt of Earth I’m “the owl”, grown into beingsymbolic of wisdom and truthsighted beyond mere years of timesinful to those who ignore truths  who’d paint a bird and call it death  name it and nail it upon homes. *Existence-compounded data keeps me from such absurdity  Like the owl, watching and worldly. ©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.…

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Pepper Sense

Dad didn’t, but mom sure didpartake in peppersFor years I wouldn’t. My first?  Jalapeño, likeso many—nachos, salsa,burgers. Black pepperdidn’t count, but now evenblack pepper . . . in its warmth   prompts complications. Turns out, dear dad did judge well  TRPV1 ©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved. Inspired by “pepper” prompt at dVerse Poets Pub, sprinkled by…

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Memorial Day (Poem)

In thought and therefore mind present    In memoriam, with respect     Living, gone; more, survived or died    Courage of all, each unified    Joined: hip to wide calamity     Thick of worldwide humanity      Beneath universal conflict       Under protected influence      ©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.

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Sundown hour

spring sunset song timecrickets chirp eve’s alonenessdown with the sunlight  warming no longer cold groundupon which it rests day-long ©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved. Further Reading Spring and Fall Field Crickets

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Write, unwind, relax the work of writingimpresses me not of restthough I love it soit uncomplicates thereforeunwinds bound-up perceptions    ©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved. On Writing as Activity to Unwind and Relax Although my tanka poem entry might seem to differ, I completely agree w/ Sadje’s points of experience—final result being a kind of…

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