Sunrise Again

Serene sunrise, through plainland horizons
beyond visions set unto time’s project . . .

Appreciation, outlast today’s harsh
bottom lines; hang on, through uncertain times

Impress instead, life’s opportunity;
warm my core against depleting disparity

Stay close, Sunshine, through rain & raging storm
while your flame flicker & dim . . . never end

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Library Poem

Let’s Go to the Library

High vaults & bookstacks proffer spines, aligned
inside fragrant clouds, wooden smells sublime
where paper decay means proof of perspective
where organic appeal assures fulfillment
through community news, and such events
which require a space of open access

Public attraction generous to self, place of
reflection, with old study smell; people
peruse, still . . . scan & borrow print volumes
Even now they arrive, hunker in nooks
kick feet up, crack books—enshrouded in thick
woody-scent aromas, creamed coffee & art

Devices hardly compare, but can serve
to reserve from your library online.   

Written in mind of the indispensable library and today’s International Day for Universal Access to Information

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Poems & Poetic Prose

Sensibility – to Empathy

A question . . .

Isn’t it sensibility which
regulates our lives
affects our observation
impacts our experiences
 writes autobiographies
 colors experiences including
 others’ life stories

While biology might
determine natural capacity  
for this valuable receptivity
isn’t it nonetheless necessary
to know this progressive
developmental aspect of
much consequence.


A neurological basis for the lack of empathy in psychopaths