Over the Town (Poem)

Over the town, let’s sail on thin blue air
Enthused by love’s everlasting lift
An unknown stretch, gifting us no limits
Sky’s reach, past a red world to ether space

Clarity of rarest happenstance floats    
Possibles to surface – our salvation
Feeling limitless like synchrony in
Correlation to human connection  

Let’s outdo the common expectation
Gleaned of involvements never expected
Let’s swim, soar, dive, and float – everything we’ll
Need for green growth in worlds of challenges

Let’s reach, let’s rise, cultivate our lives as
Only we would. Let’s rise over the town.

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Inspired by W3 prompt #57 via Melissa Lemay, whose excellent tanka won David’s Wea’ve Written Weekly Poet of the Week (PoW) spot previously (chosen by former PoW Suzette B.).
Review W3 prompt 57 for participation guidelines and join in!  


Public Displays of Reflection

We joke about food pics
Light acknowledgement
Our curious habits

Rudeness on exhibition  
Labor to disrespect—
Displays of such contempt!

I enjoy a food snap—don’t  
Often share; when I photograph
Plate or pot

It’s about me as I wish
I might dine with you, dinner
Or just a treat or a drink

Instead, I eat . . . sans you, but  
Nonetheless, I anoint
The experience as if

Appreciate my reality
Simple food on a plate

Keeps me well. To show
Such moments of life
Continued in resolve  

Enjoyments most fleeting
Though, significant  
Let us share!

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Quiz Prompt Poetry: Spirit Animal (Owl)

Salt of Earth

I’m “the owl”, grown into being
symbolic of wisdom and truth
sighted beyond mere years of time
sinful to those who ignore truths
  who’d paint a bird and call it death
  name it and nail it upon homes. *

Existence-compounded data
keeps me from such absurdity  

Like the owl, watching and worldly.

©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.

*In early Rome, owls were an evil omen. “A dead owl nailed to the door of a house averted all evil that it supposedly had earlier caused.” –The Owl Pages

Inspired by Colleen M. Chesebro’s #Poetry Challenge No. 322 for #TankaTuesday, which is based on one of those fun internet quizzes. What is your “spirit animal”? (I didn’t post a tanka, but did use syllabic verse). Visit Colleen’s post for any prompt guidelines.

Photo by cmonphotography on Pexels.com

From ancient literature to modern literature and TV, people have been portraying owls as wise creatures, bad omens, harbingers of illness, and death. These solitary, nocturnal birds of prey with fascinating characteristics and recognizable physical traits have inspired all sorts of superstitions and myths.

M. Gould