January 29 Journal #3 2022

Love and Blood

Families can be created through both: love and blood, or by either. As a rule, it shouldn’t be necessary to minimize one to promote the other.

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

Looming on the horizon . . .

Isn’t it interesting . . .

Looming is defined as appearing as a shadowy form, especially a large and threatening one.

Oxford Languages, via Google

And . . .

Looming is a term found in the study of perception, as it relates directly to psychology. Looming occurs when an object begins moving closer to the eye.

Gibson, J. J. (2014). The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception: Classic Edition. Psychology Press, via Wikipedia.

It’s disappointing . . . concerning, even . . . that threats of war continuously loom on the horizon.

Photo by Patrick Untersee on Unsplash