What Fuel, Wealth

There, where we cannot . . .
a moment happening
seals a fate unscheduled

To which truth, smothered
stands in awareness
beholding itself: knowing

All along evident—
sidebar group politics
distractions constant

What good, teaching
education didn’t bring this
likely calamity

Image by Max Löffler via OpenVerse
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Unfathomable, Love

Come and go, rise and fall . . . stay

El oh vee ee
More than a fancy

Not a whim, nor event
But an ongoing devotion . . .

Often ridiculed
Insufficiently explained
El oh vee ee

Indescribable, but
For a million little ways
Perfectly idealistic

Welcome distraction
El oh vee ee
Tangible in theory . . .

Hypothesis, surely, for
Ideas come and go
We never know

But love.

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Aside from the Noise

Life resumes . . .

Memory Faint

Birth and before, individual
Noeses inform perceptions

Continue to advise, despite
encouragements for and against it


Shape familiar alliance
Integrated, basally bound

Without natural separation
Possessed, purchased, homeless

Various distinction, under file
unequal, under rule

Reminisce and recollect
Plain or metaphor, knowledge enriches