Top “Near Me” Searches 2021

COVID led Google’s “Near Me” search activity while movies, bars, bowling alleys, and aquariums also occupied top rankings

As 2021 passed and promising news of protection made people feel safe enough to venture out again in the United States for amusements, local entertainment steadily vied with COVID for top interest “near me”:

COVID interests occupy spots one and two, being of great concern for most. Local entertainment is as follows:

#3 – Local Movie Searches of Most Comparative Interest, Recently

Interest in the local movie theater struggles to reach pre-internet levels, but coming out of COVID during initial stages of vaccination indicates a renewed vigor for the motion picture industry:

#4 – Bars Near Me

Spring and summer seem to represent an expected annual jump in “bars near me” search interest, while it is apparent that general interest may be beginning to dip again as COVID concerns continue:

#5 – Bowling Alley Activity

Incidentally, bowling remained relatively steady in near me search interest, recently spiking again. Time will tell how fears of Omicron, other variants, or new mandates might change the trend. Bowling trends upward again as of just a month ago, November 2021—likely a typical recovery from the change in activity interest from typical to holiday activities:

#6 – Brunch spiked during spring

Humans itching to be out and about in pastels and flowery dress (also, Mother’s Day and Easter):

COVID Testing Interest Jumps to 2020

After a rough year of hoping for continued transmission prevention, “COVID Testing near me” has experienced a recent jump (far right, below) that appears to be rising far above this search interest for the entire year—likely thanks to concerns over both the new Omicron and previous variants as well:

*This casual, categorical glance at Google’s Year in Search 2021 highlights not what was most on minds of U.S. Americans, but what was most searched in regard to community health information and pastime entertainment.


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


Year in Search 2021


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Day After Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas and through the home
not a space in the floor that we may roam.

Boxes and furniture, all stacked with care
as towers of tables, cardboard, and chairs.

Dining table made useful with coffee and cream,
with cards of thanks but wishes and dreams.

Dishes nestled in stacks most steady,
pushed out of mind until we’re ready.

Next door, on goes lively laughs and chatter
heard through walls but it’s no matter.

Tones are muffled, filled with cheer while
music softly bumps behind painted reindeer.

Evergreen sparkling as if meant to be inside,
melted candles again lit, winding down the tide.

Now on about the day, all much the same
Pitter and patter, flickering flames.