Memorial Day (Poem)

In thought and therefore mind present   
 In memoriam, with respect   

  Living, gone; more, survived or died 
   Courage of all, each unified

    Joined: hip to wide calamity
     Thick of worldwide humanity

      Beneath universal conflict
       Under protected influence     

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First, Pursue Solitude

Solitude & Peace

Make your time for it
There is place for it
Solitude . . . that  
provocative space  
relation so rare
often on blast, but
underrated . . . more,
‘unnatural’ to those
deprived of their self:  
Crises of identity
group-think mockery  
menace to spirit  
of autonomy,  
Such treatment bolsters
beings’ dependence.
Such contingency
puts at greater risk
life and liberty.


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Cyclical Spring, Life Unique

Springtime – contrast to time’s fate
Renewal, as to wake from sleep
Seasonal savior’s advance offers
Temporary exultation

Warmed earth under sun’s
Limbering heat blooms not disposition
But senses that we’re present
Revitalizing our functions

To each seasonal rebirth belongs
Advent: new life, more time . . . blooms
In accord to context and care
Nature and nurture hold sway