Keep To Path (Poem)

Enigmatic blooms
bared to passerby along
shady wooded trail

Notice, not invite  
dwellers beyond lit meadows
keep along the path

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Inspired by prompt image at Moonwashed Musings.


Morning Sounds 2 (Poem)

Contrabass warble
even now, indifferently
conveys morning rise-
Waking life, groaning
much motored machine moving
interminable goals-
Space light: time arrived
brushed teeth join daily grind – cogs
set to ends unknown

©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.

Original version Morning Sounds, previewed below, posted May 5, 2022:

. . . contrabass warble . . .
—not of nature but seems so—
waking life, groaning

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