5 Bookstore Features to Bring Bookish Customers

A poetic reflection

Bookstores—still alive!
Just last week, delightful time

But the world has changed, again
They’re fewer, farther between
Less satisfying to particular need

Bookstall? You’d be lucky to find
On a corner near you

More likely on the end
of a struggling mall

Suffice it to say
It’s crucial today
To know what’s best—  

To bring to be
what people need . . .

Spots to sit, corners to read
Books, preowned & new  

Combo curation means
Independent picks, plus  
Backed, established reputation

Magazine racks, packed
niche selections, stacked

. . . periodicals, too
local, national, global news . . .
spaces with perspective!

Café treats, fresh and warm
Coffee drinks, other selections 

Restrooms, large and tidy, for
Clearing heads, deciding finally
Which titles to bring back home

Finding reads, and things besides
Takes time and energy, requiring
Entry to exit, uplifting notions  

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Desolata est domus by Tiger is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0