Cats Love Company

There’s this cat—not ours
but we feed the tom  
keep the tabby warm

This started outside
feral cat business
colony, over time
tamed to humans

Offspring: now there’s this cat
hanging ‘round, one of several

At the complex
sales cats
clever cats

Hungry cats
Feed them
Fix them
Let them in

Fewer cats
Rinse & repeat

Second Sight?

The cat’s sibilant warning

like a snake: fair notice

triggers reflex / perception

some 6th sense, shared tele—

kinetic wavelength? Or

strict visual awareness without

our observation . . . completely

instinctual protections

Word prompt: sibilant, by Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt 271 , via Bill at Our Literary Journey

My chosen title, “Second sightcould aptly describe what might be the completely scientific explanation (an extension of our sense of sight) for the paranormal “sixth sense” beyond our 5 known senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. However, the phrase is distinctly connected to the idea of an often divine, often occult, supernatural 6th sense.

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Oops! I didn’t catch the word count this time, just blasted ahead and ended up with 31 according to auto wc. (26 actual)

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