Library Poem

When it’s cold outside . . .

High vaults & bookstacks proffer spines, aligned
inside fragrant clouds, wooden smells sublime
where paper decay means proof of perspective

Where organic appeal assures fulfillment
through community news, and such events
which require a space of open access

Public attraction generous to self, place of
reflection, with old study smell; people
peruse, still . . . scan & borrow print volumes

Even now they arrive, hunker in nooks
kick feet up, crack books—enshrouded in thick
woody-scent aromas, creamed coffee & art

Devices hardly compare, but do serve—
Reserve from your library online!   

Originally written in mind of the indispensable library on September 28, the International Day for Universal Access to Information

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Poems & Poetic Prose

Victim Blaming, Dissonance, and Human Division

As visitors and onlookers, we know
yet disregard ourselves . . . our power
(speaking of general tendencies)

Don’t take it personally, you may be
empathetic variety, rare bird
you may be resistant to persuasion

We know: “do not feed” monkeys in a zoo
lest we create a scuffle amongst them
lest we feed an unnatural need

Oh, we expect anyone’s defenses
organically protect them in duress
we then work out the timing of events

We still shift blame to victims of ill will
be it passive be it aggression
we isolate victims to their peril

We feed their monsters when we fail to see
our humanity—our empathy to
creatures inside their enclosed space, we fail

Recognition of our own barriers
encased within the be-all and end-all
though subconsciously aware at all times

Halloween in Practice

A poem recalling the usual festivities of Halloween in one person’s world, 1971- circa 2001, experienced against a new backdrop of changing times . . .

Community Halloween: Festivity

baby I be
born not on but
born to be free
Never did I
want to believe
a day would come
to make me think
twice about what (?)
exactly I
care to believe
about this day
“All hallows eve”!

Pshaw🙄 I say
It’s about fun!
Dress to impress
Find some contrast
Take it outside
Make a message
All in good fun
No harm at all
Rewards for flair
Laughs for reward—
No matter what
we ought believe!

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Halloween 🎃