Rural Haiku

rustling winds suggest  
open windows, talk of trees
countryside abode

silence of nature
harmonious atmosphere  
energizing notes    

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Poems & Poetic Prose


Shining Stars

In the city on a Friday night
you hardly notice the sky and stars
overhead / pale beyond fluorescent
lights, bright, warming space inhabited

In the country, at night you will see
Stars overhead—gleaming hot energy
flickering warm ideas / possibilities
corresponding to expansive space beyond

It’s probable to love both experiences
same as if there were no differences
each unique in its offerings while
neither sufficient without its otherness

Inspired by my romantic views of city life, and country life as well, sitting here on Friday night just appreciating being home, and a little ‘talk of the town’ and of the “sky and stars” at night. Today I read a lovely poem by @Shashi and a comment as lovely in itself, by @Sadje, both of which stuck in my head.

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