Day By Day

Many feel it’s almost done, but
time remains, perpetual yawn
It’s only that this can be fun
but then understanding creeps in  

More or less, long ahead
enjoy this life in ways you can
Spread the joy you find in time
receive it back and multiply

Wonder given, doubt retreats
time forgotten—nothing forever  
There will be life, no need of fear
Mind your cause, have a great year.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge Prompt #260.
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Dear Readers,
Here’s to remembering to take life day by day, with doable goals that can be checked off at year’s end. Take care of yourselves.

Image depicts hand-painted holiday card with sentiments Season's Greetings and Happy New Year above and below evergreen pine trees in an open field natural rustic artistic expression
Holiday Card 2022 –

Warmth of Water

Autumn’s morning dew prompts remembrance

Somewhere, an aside
to the warmth of water
on a cold day
struck a chord inside

How moisture softens
temperature’s shock
raises season’s scents    
eases brittle drought  

Dew of autumn’s dawn
yet to turn to frost   
holds bits of air—
relative warmth contained

Reminds of life despite
winter’s bitter perils
invigorates desire  
supports resistance    

Its place in nature, stolid
self-nurturer, cold dew
serves purpose: protects
live plants, nourishes

Dewed flower petals sparkle  
top-off enflamed hues
excite burrowing minds  
allay seasonal blues

Dew’s warm water
held in suspension
prompt strolls, open eyes
enhances vision

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