Over the Town (Poem)

Over the town, let’s sail on thin blue air
Enthused by love’s everlasting lift
An unknown stretch, gifting us no limits
Sky’s reach, past a red world to ether space

Clarity of rarest happenstance floats    
Possibles to surface – our salvation
Feeling limitless like synchrony in
Correlation to human connection  

Let’s outdo the common expectation
Gleaned of involvements never expected
Let’s swim, soar, dive, and float – everything we’ll
Need for green growth in worlds of challenges

Let’s reach, let’s rise, cultivate our lives as
Only we would. Let’s rise over the town.

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Inspired by W3 prompt #57 via Melissa Lemay, whose excellent tanka won David’s Wea’ve Written Weekly Poet of the Week (PoW) spot previously (chosen by former PoW Suzette B.).
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