Flashback Friday #TGIF Poetry Update

A fresh marshmallow on top, to go with your hot chocolate . . .

Today’s a day to celebrate!
Great things take time.
If patience is a virtue—
Flirt with tomorrow!

Thy time be colored by
Glittering flickers
Illumination bright
Friday night lights

Photo accompaniment by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com


Halloween in Practice

A poem recalling the usual festivities of Halloween in one person’s world, 1971- circa 2001, experienced against a new backdrop of changing times . . .

Community Halloween: Festivity

baby I be
born not on but
born to be free
Never did I
want to believe
a day would come
to make me think
twice about what (?)
exactly I
care to believe
about this day
“All hallows eve”!

Pshaw🙄 I say
It’s about fun!
Dress to impress
Find some contrast
Take it outside
Make a message
All in good fun
No harm at all
Rewards for flair
Laughs for reward—
No matter what
we ought believe!

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Halloween 🎃

Comic Reality (A Poem)

Funny Bones

Life—a most absurd
reality, where rankling
events invite hysterics, and
disorganized slapstick a riot.

Excepting comic relief
that which sates inclination of
tainted rationalization—should
reclassify discrimination.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash