Halloween in Practice

A poem recalling the usual festivities of Halloween in one person’s world, 1971- circa 2001, experienced against a new backdrop of changing times . . .

Community Halloween: Festivity

baby I be
born not on but
born to be free
Never did I
want to believe
a day would come
to make me think
twice about what (?)
exactly I
care to believe
about this day
“All hallows eve”!

Pshaw🙄 I say
It’s about fun!
Dress to impress
Find some contrast
Take it outside
Make a message
All in good fun
No harm at all
Rewards for flair
Laughs for reward—
No matter what
we ought believe!

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Happy Halloween 🎃

Comic Reality (A Poem)

Funny Bones

Life—a most absurd
reality, where rankling
events invite hysterics, and
disorganized slapstick a riot.

Excepting comic relief
that which sates inclination of
tainted rationalization—should
reclassify discrimination.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Poeming, aka Poesy

Hardly a mirror
but a vision—a prompt

No vanity in it
nor projection: that

pop–popular assertion
pretending us helpless

but to vomit our faults 
at each utterance 

rather than reflect
not without merit

another condition
one that touches on shared

experience, knowledge
mindful observation  

Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.com

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