A New Year’s Potential

A new year’s first positive occurrences can empower an entire year of opportunity.

Create opportunities for positive outcomes by increasing first-quarter occurrences, and plan to reap reward throughout the year as you manage results.

Original photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash. Modified.

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Expectations of a New Year

Ticktock, Time, ticktock
black-hole vacuum, half empty
fresh poured and half-drunk

Growth and fade are not the same
I’m half empty, you’re half full

Time’s decline does not
amount to more, not for us  
Ageless not: new starts  

Ticktock, Time, ticktock, ticktock
Find realistic positives

Poems & Poetic Prose

Seeded and Watered

Growth Potential

Yet willy-nilly not
lay thy crumb, thus
appreciated, puzzling  
rhyming riddles

Motion through action
reciprocal conjunction
like-minded: perhaps
often not

Lively synchrony
born of possibility
seeded in reasoning’s  
musical symphony

Polyphonic rousing
call and response
neural burst firing
connection continuity