Only Fossils Set in Stone

The clock’s progression
no indication: our place
setbacks suppress

potential values
limited horizon shadows
qualities of life

Time forgets. People
adapt, their short lives affect
impermanent change


Photo by Alejandro Quintanar on


Early Summer Delusion

tranquil . . . pool water
blue as vibrant sky above
spring’s summer vision

full sun . . . woody twigs
green leaf gone, infrequent bud
Ready to jump in

cool breeze, colder ground
sugarplum daydreams recede
Time to get to work


Featured image “sun and shade” by Ann, via Pixlr.

Rainwater & Young Buds

Seasonal Haiku Double

Windstorm warnings sound
dusk to dark: tornadoes bud
down shelters

Rainwater’s morning
dawn uncovers damage done
new buds color scene


Featured original photo by C.E. Price via PIXNIO (CC0)

Written for Naturalist Weekly‘s mini-season/micro-season prompt to write a haiku or senryu that references buds or young plants—via Goff James Art, Music, Phototography, Poetry, and Quotations.