What is CHANCE, in life?

Countless consequences, oft-begotten
through no fault or want, only events
Minority of which chronicled or observed
merged to obscure truth, fit perception

Perhaps fallen on your feet, flaming
Your heart a timbered land, smoke under fire
Tree of life smothered, withered
Before hope, the greatest inspiration

Self-made or given
From oceans of despair, discovered
Chance—prized for its plausible value
No more than possible

Opportunity for something
Different than the paradoxical
Hap’nings undergone as subject or
Merely matter of circumstance

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com


Sensibility – to Empathy

A question . . .

Isn’t it sensibility which
regulates our lives
affects our observation
impacts our experiences
 writes autobiographies
 colors experiences including
 others’ life stories

While biology might
determine natural capacity  
for this valuable receptivity
isn’t it nonetheless necessary
to know this progressive
developmental aspect of
much consequence.


A neurological basis for the lack of empathy in psychopaths

One-Liner-Wednesday: on “darkness” failings

Let’s call human “darkness” human failings instead, for until a sense of responsibility entails our actions there cannot be human progress.

Written for one-liner-Wednesday, prompted by Linda G. Hill, via Fandango.

A quote about human tendency to dismiss conscious actions as supernatural affectations, and the limiting of human potential.

Scapegoat ritual, an encyclopedic topic