‘Big Red Wagon’


The little red wagon has become a BIG red wagon; except in black and white (or whatever color/s) with a steering wheel. Made for the adult yard, it resembles (as well) Barbie and Ken’s “Sweet Orchard Farm Truck”.

With a bed and a drive, the ‘big red wagon’ makes a modern, motorized wheelbarrow—useful in a yard, or around a pond.


Electric Mini-Truck (redirects to YouTube)
Sweet Orchard Farm Truck (redirects to Amazon)

Originally published @LifePoetic on Feb. 26.
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“Toy Wagon” vector via OPENCLIPART


Murphy’s Law in Motion

A Skullcandy tumbled down
into my coffee today;
it didn’t get wet inside

Later now, I’m listening . . .
Oh! how blind was I, say now
Again it crackles, I realize  

One lonely drop must’ve dripped
bound by character, performed
its deed in timely fashion
That single drop of coffee
maybe it was the sugar
dismayed me with its damage

Skullcandy is an electronics accessories brand which manufactures headphones, earbuds, battery packs, and USB adapters.

greytone photo of Skullcandy earphones
Skullcandy Ink’d photo by Hideya Hamano via Flickr

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