Brain Bias (Poem and Recommended Reading)

day to day
altered states relate
under cerebral protection
memories ours, keeper encoding
meaning, memories, converting
encoded meaning  
yesterday, today, tomorrow

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RE: Ambiguous images and figures psychology

It’s not about doubting everything that comes through our senses. It’s about looking for our blind spots. […] Our brains work hard to bend reality to meet our prior experiences, our emotions, and our discomfort with uncertainty.

Resnick. (2022, June 7). “Reality” is constructed by your brain. here’s what that means, and why it matters. Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute.

Click the citation link for complete article, which also includes several incredibly perplexing optical-illusion brain teasers.


Pilot, Co-pilot, Passenger, or Grounded?

Time does tick quickly, more as one ages   
We can’t believe during early stages    
Sometime, some will see; yet many won’t know  
Perceptions permeate but one shadow

Tone-deaf debris may wreck potential gains  
Break twigs to grasp hold, see over mountains
Lost in a dell, lacking decent vision  
One must ascend with an aim to freedom . . .

Lest be buried in implicit bias.  
Age is a lead you gift yourself as you
Traverse sudden dips, ascend tangled hills  
Come to know valleys, climb their vast mountains—

Your way may be choked, and some will throw rocks
Not all flights approved, runways remain blocked  
Boulders positioned that may not be moved
Lest aid takes note and checks you through!  

Poems & Poetic Prose

The poem “Pilot, Co-Pilot, Passenger, or Grounded” is a stretched sonnet, and was written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #266. Follow Reena’s link for participation guidelines.

Featured photo “Dell in the Little Carpathians” by Stanislav Doronenko, via Wikimedia Commons

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