Once upon a time, contemporary
education seemed certain, illusorily  
promising a future which seemed to assure
particular hopes of common interests, in
addition to our individual requirements

Workplace talk, the kind we overlooked
to get a job, to keep a job—those danger signs  
we learned to absorb, to ascribe the root
to our own fault, to absolve under duress

Presaged today’s immoral politics
which play against humanity

That ‘modern-day’ teaching no longer exists  
except on a side to pick, which further
isolates what people may be at
some time in their existence.

Poems & Poetic Prose


“Talking politics at work – why it’s a bad idea and how to prevent it”
“GOP platform through the years shows party’s shift from moderate to conservative”
I know what woodbine is, thank you very much.

A Light of Some Kind
Artwork by Sam Heydt